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Hibernaculum got #1 in Theme

Sun 21 of May, 2017

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So, I just wanted to share that this happened.

My and @Quaternius Ludum Dare game Hibernaculum got scored #1 in theme, #27 in innovation, #22 in graphics, and #98 in audio! This is very exciting for us both, so we are going to speak about the future of this game, we'll analyze your feedback, and after that, we'll see where it'll lead us.


working on a game banner

If you are curious about how we developed the game. You might want to read the post-mortems me and Quaternius both wrote:

I also like to share my "LD stats" after the results are in for each LD. This time I decided to host all the data on my website, so if you're curios head here: /blog/ld-stats

So that's that, this is the first first place in LDJAM for me, so I am very much excited!

Have a nice time of day!