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Ludum Dare 28 Compo

Wed 08 of January, 2014

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So hi, last time I told you about my entry in Ludum Dare Competition, and guess what time of year it is? Yes, another Ludum Dare Compo post, because I don't have anything else to post about! (Mainly, because I am a boring person, who sits around and plays video games) This time it's LD #28 and this is my 2nd time in.

The theme was: "You only got one" and if I thought "10 seconds" was a hard theme, then I was... well, right. But "10 seconds" was so much more broad and people came up with more diverse ideas. In my humble opinion, "You only got one" is pretty crap theme. I think, it's constraining, ton of people did more or less, same thing. "You only got one bullet", "You only got one life", "You only got one [insert gameplay mechanic/weapon/anything related to game]" are your most used ideas. In Ludum Dare, I like that you can see what people can make in limited amount of time, how diverse their thoughts and ways they think are. This theme doesn't help with that.

Anyways, about my own experience this time. Let's just say it wasn't as great as 1st time. But I still learned a lot, liked it, and mostly satisfied with it. When the actual Compo started, at 4-ish AM, I got the theme and started to do a little brainstorm. I spawned ideas like "You only got one life" or "You only got one chance". Pretty basic, yeah? So I slammed on bed and fell asleep. I was trying to do same schedule I did during last LD. I woke up at around 11 AM and tried to choose an idea from my brainstormed list, I also checked Ludum Dare's site. As I discovered there, people came up with same stuff that I did (more or less), so I started to try and generate more unique idea. After 2 hours I did came up with something, but seeing how some people were already so deep in development and I finally came up with something decent of an idea, made me lost a lot of my motivation to actually do something. So I did what I did last time, I started to do not programming related stuff. I started to draw textures. I doodled with style, but did basic pixel art as I am no artist at all. After almost all day killed, I finally started to code something and then went to sleep.

Day 2 begin with pretty much me, being all grumpy that I did nothing good and I started to code. I was trying exploring new Unity's native 2D tools and well, they are definitely not fully ready yet, but hell of good ones still. Sometimes it was really painful to code, mostly due to me trying to it the '3D' way, when in 2D it's just a tiny bit different. Anyways, fast forward to near end of Ludum Dare, I for 1st time tried to make some music for my game. After making 1 little game loop I realized that I am running out of time, I have not even started on GUI, menus, have only 3 playable levels, AND not finished 2 gameplay mechanics, as well as, not polished main mechanic. I basically fixed everything I could in that time, deleted all main mechanic related stuff and submitted a plain, not interesting game. Pure disappointment. grumpy face

Well, I guess it's time to present you. The failed game of mine:

You only got one... HUNDRED lives!

Yes, it's a platformer. Yes, it has pixel art graphics. No, it is not a placenta there, it's a portal. Jesus, how could you... ah, eww!

My idea was that you have ONE HUNDRED (100) lives to spend for a whole game, and that you need to die, in a certain spots and jump on your body to an exit! The ideas is a little game of a words on a theme of LD. As I stated before, It's totally unfinished, like 40% of what I wanted is there. So let's see how others reacted to a game:

"Graphics are nice. I like the concept of killing the player off in order to make longer jumps, shame you didn't get that far (or I didn't that bit if you did). Jumping gets stuck on the blocks sometimes which is quite annoying since the only thing you can do is drop down and try again." - Arkazon

"oh, it's a shame you didn't make it, i really like it. i think flash or even gamemaker would have helped on this one. unity can sometimes be tricky to finish a 2d game. anyway, it's a good game concept, you really should continue." - veiadoida

"Loved it. This was a rather extensive game, too, for only 48 hours! The sound was great and the art was amazing. A job well done. Also don't listen to the haters who don't like WASD, haha, arrow keys are for noooooobs :p (although it's not a bad idea to support both really, haha)" - zconnelly13

Okay, so this comments made my day basically. After reading first few of them I decided that after my mid-term and New-Year holidays I will continue to work on this game and make it as good as I can. Even though I didn't finished a game, people still liked it, gave me some critic and suggestions so I can improve the game after the Compo!

"How about the ratings?" You may ask. And I will answer to you, not as bad! They are:

Place Category Score
Bronze Coolness 70%
284 Graphics 3.35
285 Audio 2.92
503 Humor 2.24
518 Mood 2.72
649 Fun 2.66
676 Overall 2.79
907 Innovation 2.13
928 Theme 1.95

676 out of 2064 is better than my 1st entry and is above average, so I got that going for me. Also graphics are nice too!

Now, I won't bore you anymore with walls and walls of text and leave you a bunch of links you can smack and smash to play, comment and download the game: Ludum Dare Entry (with downloads for all platforms) GameJolt Page

And that's basically is it! Thanks for reading, and I'll most likely will see you after next Ludum Dare, which is in April!

P.S. Sorry for my terrible English.