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Ludum Dare 27 Compo

Sat 12 of October, 2013

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Hello and, Jesus I am late... I want to talk about Ludum Dare Compo 27, which is a competition where you make a game within 48 hours with a specific, random theme. You get it only at very start of the event. If you wish to know more about it, head here. Why am I late? Well, that's easy, last Ludum Dare (LD from now on), which is 27th, was back in August 24th (or 25th, Time Zones... don't ask me) so yes I am late, a lot.

Anyways, that was my first time ever, I took part in any kind of programming/game development competition, and that was amazing. Yes, it was quiet exhausting, I mean developing a game in less than 48 hours (sleep is needed for worse or better) is quiet a process, but it also was an amazing experience. I learned quiet a bit from it and I finally had that feeling of finished product (even though it wasn't finished at all). What I find most useful out of it, is feeling of a deadline, never before I had that feeling and I am glad I had it. When developing for fun I dropped projects a lot, and that mean I didn't finished much of what I did, I also could do them for months, even if it's really small project. In this case I needed to finish it (to some extent, at least) before time ran out. It's just amazing how LD made me to finish the project, and finish it quickly. So what's the project we're talking about? Well, I present to you:

Clone Firefight, a quake-ish like shooter with a 10 second twist. 2/5 - Dan. 4/5 - ThokWhayn17

So this is my entry, Clone Firefight. To be honest, I came up with this name when I was submitting my entry few minutes before LD27 finished, and that is really weird name. Anyways, who cares about name? (Everyone, duh) The game is a shooter with a twist. The twist is a 10 second lifetime of player, this mechanic is made because of theme of LD27, which was: "10 seconds". And as I found out later, my mechanic sucked balls, well, let's just look at this:

"The game doesn't seem to fit into the theme that well, but it's surprisingly fun!" - flamecow "The theme doesn't fit too well, but it's a pretty fun game!" - Derbdale "You really nailed the old shooter vibe, and the consistent graphics make it look pretty good. A seriously fun game overall! I'd say the ten second rule is enough to make it qualify for the LD :P" - Fireblend

Well, okay, it didn't sucked balls, just wasn't good enough, but overall game wasn't all that bad and some people liked it!

Gun Model

As LD dictate, I could work only by myself and create own content, so downloading stuff like models, textures and sounds from interwebs wasn't a thing. So what did I do? I downloaded Blender and modeled a gun, that was a first model I modeled, that wasn't few cubes slapped together. I went with really simple graphics, basically used only colors, so no textures were needed, and about sound, well, I downloaded simple 8-bit sound fx generator and generated few things like: shot, power-up, explosion and other. So yeah, I could make content by myself, but where did I used it? Of course I used game engine, I used Unity, because it's free, powerful and flexible. I wrote all scripts myself too, as LD says, and they're not great for sure. I tried at first to make them as readable as possible, but as time went on, I didn't had time to do that. I used C# language for scripting, but Unity provides support for Boo and JavaScript too. (That JavaScript is modified and people call it UnityScript)

Game Screenshot

The gameplay is pretty simple, you shoot red boxes that shoot you to get 1 more second of life for taking life of that enemy. You collect ammo, grenades, health kits, shields for protection and time kits. All that in 10 seconds, once time expire you simply respawn with all your power-ups deleted, ammo and 2 grenades replenished and your score erased. But on your previous place a clone of you spawns, and he doesn't seems to like you much, so he want to shoot you down. There is no goal in game, apart, maybe, from trying to get best score. Which is a shame.

The game scored 864, overall, out of 2213, which is not so bad, it's even above the middle! You can look up my entry here, also you can play it in web by smashing your cursor here.

In the end, I am really happy that I participated in LD27, I learned a bunch of stuff, had fun and now can talk about something in this empty blog! I am indeed looking forward to take part in next Ludum Dare Compo!

P.S. Thanks for reading this wall of text and sorry for my English.