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I always believed that learning new and exciting stuff is inherently fun and makes us, humans, happy. After all, curiosity is wired into our brains. It feels good and rewarding.

Technology can provide almost (if not truly) bottomless well of novel and cool ideas to explore. Which, probably, is why it was so easy for me to get into it. There's something for everyone in technology. From DIY, Raspberry PI based, twitter triggered, coffee brewers to freaking car-sized, nuclear-powered, robotic rovers on Mars. From bash scripting to automate your system to mind-boggling, artificial deep neural networks to detect if cats are present in photos. And the best part is, that anyone can take a dive into it, and get visible results faster than in any other field I can imagine.

This is why I want to explore as much of it as I can. It's so awesome, and cool, and simply fun. It provides a way to feed my curiosity and the desire to make something other people can enjoy.

I am trying to get my hands on as much different things as I can. I dabbled in simple python scripting, Arduino-based projects with jumper wires all over the place on my breadboard, Game Development (kind of my main passion), tried to make my own OS (well at least a kernel), my own interpreted programming language, and many implementations of different stuff just to understand how it works under the hood.

I believe that no one can teach you anything if you aren't willing to learn. This is why I am mostly self-taught, as I don't feel like university (at least mine) will ever teach me anything in depth enough to truly understand the systems we use everyday, or concepts that might not provide instant practical value, but are vital for deeper understanding in the long run.

All that being said, programming is not the only part I like that is enabled by technology. Lately I have been into CG art. Specifically 3D modelling (and rendering that stuff). It's a nice way to satisfy artsy part of my brain.

So who am I exactly?

Well, my name is Dima (short for Dmytro) Kalchenko. I am young adult from Ukraine. All around geek and proud of it.